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Hey @ozz4evr, you will need to do a new keychain calibration print for every printer that you use Palette on, as Palette needs to know the exact distance from itself to the extruder (called the [|Loading Offset]) in order to create calibrated prints. After you finish the keychain calibration print on Palette, a new printer profile will appear (''Settings —> Printer Profiles''). You will also need to create a new printer profile on CANVAS. You can follow the [|steps here] for setting up Palette on your new printer.

In regards to the prints, please let us know what kind of issues you are running into and we will do our best to help. Some of the initial questions we usually ask are:

# What kind of printer(s) are you using? Can you send us a photo of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the filament path as it enters the extruder?
# If you have completed the calibration keychain, could you please share a photo of it plus the tower (top and bottom)? Do you have the ping data associated with this print ([|instructions to access ping data])? [|Ping data] is very important in troubleshooting print failures.
# Could you share your CANVAS keychain project ([|instructions here])?
# Have you run splice tuning with your filament yet ([|instructions here])?

Thanks in advance for putting all of this together!



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