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Original post by: Zeno LeHericy


I’ve started seeing this intermittently on my P3 - several prints failed when the filament necked down small enough that the extruder drive wheel couldn’t continue pulling the filament.

I’ve done a bunch of splice tuning, and generally end up with values around 1-2, but every so often, it seems like the two drives in the Palette get out of sync and the outgoing drive pulls forward just a fraction before the incoming drive pushes, resulting in the splice necking down to about 1/2 diameter (the necked filament section is about 2mm long)

On my most recent failed print, I noticed that this started to happen more often with one specific filament (still happens with the others, just happens more with this one) so will be doing some more testing. I’m wondering if somehow it’s not solidifying enough before getting advanced.



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