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Original post by: Jeremy Prine


I removed my retraction GCode from my “End of print” sequence, and that certainly helped, but it’s still running out of filament, on what looks to be the very last layer — of the 3 “tops” of the calibration keychain, 1 of them ends up not fully filled-in.

I increased my loading offset by 10cm, and got this (note, I removed the brim already):


Looks great, right? But flip it over:


The border should be yellow, the interior should be green. So it’s like it ran out of the yellow filament too soon, like the first piece was too short.

I reduced the ''new'' loading offset by 5cm (i.e. a 5cm increase, overall), and got this (note, brim still attached):



We’re back to not filling in the last “top”. Note on the bottom: no yellow-to-green on the transition tower, and some of the yellow ended up inside the keychain, and some of the green ended up on the border. So, it’s like the ''first'' piece is too short now.


Overall, the conclusion I’m leaning towards is: if I increase the loading offset, I fix the filament running out on the top, but mess up the colors on the bottom. If I ''decrease'' the loading offset, I fix the colors on the bottom, but run out of filament on the top.


One possibility that I’m thinking of is the fact that my BMG extruder makes a fast whirring sound when it does retractions — when I feel like it shouldn’t be making ''any'' sound — but I’ve watched inside the Palette’s filament buffer during a retraction, and I can’t tell whether or not the filament is actually retracting at all.

So I’m wondering if, instead of retracting, it’s ''skipping,'' and then all of those failed retractions are adding up at the end of the print, which causes me to run out of filament.



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