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Original post by: Larry Schack



I had this same problem.  I was into a 10+ hr print and the P3P suddenly stopped.

There are no start and stop height settings in Canvas.  Your best option would be to lower (move) the model on the Z axis where you want the print to begin and adjust your first layer settings in Canvas accordingly (brim, raft, supports, etc). Assuming the Z origin for the model is 0, the move would be -67,8  mm.  In other words, before making the move, look at the Z position and move it -67.8mm.

I stopped using my P3P and Canvas over a week ago.  The software (Canvas) and firmware for the P3P are so lacking, that workflow and productivity suffered due to the constant fiddling with the P3P and Canvas. What I once looked forward to became a source of frustration and disappointment.   The features that enticed me to buy the P3P  aren’t yet available so it is just a big time vaccuum and filament waster (for now).  I have had successful prints with my P3P but the majority of the time there are issues. (too many to list, but they run the gamut from jams to falling out of calibration during long prints).

As a power user of Simplify3D for approx 5 years, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Canvas.    It is so lacking in features that it is honestly not worth the time to request them and then wait for them to be implemented.  Seriously.  There are that many.   We can’t even get the features that were advertised at the time of sale over 6 months ago so I have zero faith Canvas will be a good solution for me any time soon.   The quality of the slicing is terrible.  I get holes in models that aren’t there.  The processing time is painfully slow.  And the amount of missing settings is huge.

To be forced to use Canvas through the cloud has become a non-starter for me.    Having to move from Simplify3D to Canvas is like being forced to go from Photoshop to Windows Paintbrush.

My P3P will most likely be idle until there is better software/firmware support for it.   This has been a very disappointing and frustrating experience.



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