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Original post by: Stewart Allen


All the other issues above aside, the most technically difficult challenge with Palette and belt printing is finding a way to create the equivalent of purge blocks / towers. I think it’s possible, but there will be additional constraints around color changes early on since there is limited space for that until many layers have gone down.

I am actively working on this issue and plan to have support for the CR-30 with Palette3 inside Kiri:Moto. Kiri:Moto was one of the first slicers with belt support and probably still has the most sophisticated features specific to belt printing (brims, anchors, belt flattening, base layer controls, looping, etc).

Kiri:Moto is a browser-based, fully open source slicer. You can run it entirely offline (see github docs). The first goal is to produce MAFX files alongside Gcode. Then you load the Gcode into your sender (like OctoPrint) and the MAFX file onto the Palette3 (via USB stick).

You can follow my work on the Grid.Space Discord server:



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