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Original post by: Rob ,


After much experimentation I realized my feed motor was extruding then skipping backwards every now and then. Oddly this isn't a problem for a single color print. The single color models print fine, but the backwards skipping of the feed motor is causing the ender to fall behind I think relative to where the palette thinks it should be.

There were two problems. My bed wasn't leveled properly, causing excess pressure in the Bowden tube in the first layer. Later in the print it became clear that there was another blockage. I took apart the extruder and noticed that the input into the extruder—the piece that feeds through the heatsink had an egregious clog.

Once I fixed both issues, I got the keychain to complete perfectly and now my palette appears to be nicely configured with my ender 5. For the record, it appears that the stock ender 3 profile works fine except I changed the max height to 300mm since the 5 is taller than the 3.




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