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Original post by: Alina ,


Hey @colonelxz, thanks for reaching out. In general, Palette 2 has 3 requirements for compatibility: accepts non-proprietary filament which is 1.75 mm in diameter, recognizes files sliced in S3D, Cura, KISSlicer, Slic3r/Prusa Slicer, or CANVAS (our slicer), and has open access to filament feed ( It looks like both of these printers fit these requirements, so you are good to go. [br]


However, please note that if you were interested in getting the CANVAS Hub as well as the Palette 2 in order to print in connected mode (, you would have to make sure that your printer is compatible with the Hub as well. You can do this by checking that the printer is [|compatible with OctoPrint] and has a free USB-B port ( If not compatible, you can still easily use Palette 2 without the CANVAS Hub in “accessory” mode ( [br]


Unfortunately, currently Palette 2 will only work on one of the extruders. We are working on creating GCode for multi extruder printers in the future though, so please stay tuned!



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