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Original post by: Friedrich Hüttenberger ,


Hello Jonny Yeu,

I also have a printer profile that shows only one color. I had to make my own profile, because I have a special printer: German RepRap X400CE-2Extruder and I could not identify a matching pattern from the existing printer profiles. Your comment to fix the problem is: This usually happens when the attached setup does not contain a Palette… With Palette you name the Mosaic Palette version, I think. Or what do you mean with Palette? I have connected the Palette Model 2 Pro (S), my Hub (Respberry PI with Octoprint and the required plugins for Palette and Canvas and all configured to work pretty) and my printer.

If Adalyn showed how to get it work, as reported, I am very interested to get her solution too.

An other interest for me is the Canvas version, where you can paint on any 3d models (one stl file or separated files). I cannot find this possibility in the Canvas slicer which handles the print jobs.

Thanks for help. If.



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