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Original post by: Jeffrey L Liu ,


I am trying to connect my computer to the palette 2 through the Canvas


Hi everyone,

I was able to follow the most of the instructions to set up the Canvas Hub.


However, I am just not able to connect my pallette 2S to Octoprint while connected to the printer. I can connect my printer and palette 2S individually to Octoprint, but when I connect the printer first then palette 2, it gives me an error that says

“Palette 2 connection error detected

The connection between CANVAS Hub and Palette 2 has stopped. Please make sure Palette 2 is turned on and its cable is properly inserted into the Hub before connecting again.”

If I connect the palette 2S first, then the printer. It then connects to the printer but disconnects from the palette 2S and gives me the error.

One thing I am noticing is that both are connected to the same serial port. Maybe that is the issue, but I only see one option for serial ports.

Any help is welcome!




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