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0% ping in the middle of a print, nothing seems wrong


I am trying to print the BB8 statue on the painted by canvas page, just for fun.  The first print cancelled on ping 44 without any reason given (the Palette just suddenly displayed the “unclip the tube” screen) and the hub showed the “print has been cancelled successfully” prompt.  I suspect it stopped because I have the “Enable Cancel Print On Ping Variation” box ticked on the hub, and if I look at the historic pings the very last ping came in at 0%.  No idea why because filament is not broken and the printer was feeding fine from the buffer when this happened.

I printed a second time and the same thing happened at almost exactly the same point of the print (ping 46 the second time).

I am going to retry the print with the “cancel on ping variation” box unchecked, but this is still strange behaviour.  Any tips on what may be causing the sudden cancel?  And if it is caused by a 0% ping, what may be the cause of that?


Palette 2

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